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Company History

Border Press Inc. was established in 1905 when Frank Flood Sr. started his own business called "The Border Press" and it was carried on after his death by his wife Elsie and son Frank Jr.

Border Press has had a long standing relationship with organized labour and became a member of the Allied Printing Trade Association in the mid 40's. Today, that relationship continues to thrive under the (GCIU) label or Graphic Communications International Union.

Subsequently Border Press was purchased by Total Business Systems of Canada. Since Total's involvement, the company has expanded its plant from 3500 square feet to 23,800 square feet.

 Border's growth has continued with the installation of a five-colour printing press and continual updating of high tech equipment, which opens a new expanding market of process printing from South Western Ontario and Michigan. Border Press has come a long way since the turn of the century thanks in large part to their dedicated employees and loyal customers.

Border Press is proud of it's continued commitment to the City of Windsor and the County of Essex and we are determined to meet the ever changing challenges of new technology and the ever increasing expectations of our customers.

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